Dr Tim Raub

Dr Tim Raub

Dr Tim Raub


Tim Raub



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  • Palaeomagnetism
  • Precambrian tectonics
  • Geobiology
  • Thermochronology


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My resource geology interests include using magnetic susceptibility, mineral magnetism, palaeomagnetism, and low-temperature thermochronology to elucidate ages and paragenetic sequences of ore deposits and thermochemical histories of alteration zones, and to ground-truth geophysical inversions as from airborne and ground electromagnetic surveys.  He has conducted academic research associated with unconformity-uranium, MVT-type, VMS, and orogenic Au-Ag-U deposits; with stratiform, supergene, and deep-sea nodular iron and manganese formations; and with modern and ancient soils and pisolitic bauxites.


The University of St. Andrews rock magnetism laboratory is capable of analysing drill cores of all sizes.  Mineral magnetic techniques also are sensitive proxies for industrial fly ash and other anthropogenic pollutants and can contribute to commercial and environmental forensic investigations, including discrimination of some natural gemstones from their synthetic simulants.