Dr W Ed Stephens

Dr W Ed Stephens

Dr W Ed Stephens


Ed Stephens


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01334 463947 (ex t 3947)






  • Igneous petrogenesis, especially granite
  • Geothermal energy
  • Environmental mineralogy and geochemistry
  • Mineralogy and geochemistry of plant materials


Further Info

Underpinning my research is the use of mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of rocks and environmental materials to model earth internal and surface processes, in particular those involving mass transfer. Recently these tools have been applied to reassessing the geothermal potential of Scotland, long regarded as barren but now known to have some attractive prospects. This experience is being extended to other countries.

The processes by which plants, in particular leaf materials, sequester substantial quantities of carbon dioxide in the form of oxalate biominerals may have relevance to novel strategies for carbon sequestration. We are also investigating the chemical composition of leaf materials, in particular heavy metals and their speciation.

I established and have been responsible for the X-ray and microprobe laboratories, and more recently was involved in developing the ICP-MS facility. Accurate analytical data are fundamental to my type of research and we strive to ensure that the labs generate data of the highest possible quality for the available instrumentation.