Mel Chochlek

Mel Chochlek

Mel Chochlek




Mel Chocholek



PhD student

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01334 462811





  • Geophysics
  • Ecosystems
  • Asymmetry analysis
  • Environmental change
  • Solar influence on the Earths climatic variability
  • Volcanic aerosols & climatic change
  • Marine Ecology
  • Lunar periodicity & life cycles of marine organisms
  • Marine geology; chemical & physical interactions with the oceans
  • Estuarine & shallow marine biota & sediment interactions
  • Symbiotic interactions in aquatic environments


Further Info

I am a NERC-funded PhD student aiming to evaluate the specific impacts from climatic drivers, described in recent global & local models for medium / high emissions scenarios (UKCIP, MCCIP, SNIFFER), will have on an estuary ecosystem & ecosystem function. Asymmetry analysis is being used to quantify detectable change in the dynamic equilibrium of the estuary, which further impact on net sediment transport, morphology and spatial distribution of habitats. The project has adopted a 4D approach (time lapse) for sequential data analysis, to capture the short term periodicity within the system, for a comparison with available historical data. Specific short term data includes swath bathymetry, intertidal topography, tidal regime, current velocity (near bed), conductivity, temperature, aerial photography & biological data. Historical data includes river inflow, met data, previous physical / biological surveys & aerial photography archive data.

Analysis of this data is to elucidate trends in relation to climatic signatures will be accomplished with appropriate statistical techniques.