CERSA Survey

CERSA houses the suite of laboratory instrumentation and field equipment that underpins physical science research by our staff and students.

CERSA can determine the chemical composition and structure of a wide array of synthetic and natural materials and also allows researchers to undertake geological, geophysical and environmental field investigations around the world. The capabilities of CERSA are further enhanced by strong reciprocal links to the St Andrews Centre for Advanced Materials.

The equipment and expertise available in FEEA can be accessed on a either a collaborative or fee-for-service basis.


Terrestrial Equipment

  • EM31 Electromagnetic Ground Conductivity Meter   
  • EM38 Electromagnetic Ground Conductivity Meter  
  • ABEM SAS4000 Electrical Imaging System  
  • ABEM Terrameter SAS300  
  • Gem Gradiometer Magnetometer 
  • Topcon Hiper Pro RTK dGPS 
  • Vector Evaluation dGPS 

Marine Equipment Sub-bottom Profiliers 

  • Sparker, 1 element, 6 element and 12 element sparker array
  • Boomer –EG&G boomer plate  
  • Pinger – 4 element pinger pots   
  • ORE surface unit

Sidescan Sonar

  • Digital: Imagenix Sports Scan 
  • Analogue: GeoAcousitcs 272

Swath Bathymetry

  • SEA SwathPlus 117kHz 
  • SEA SwathPlus 468kHz
  • MRU
  • TSS DMS05 
  • TSS DMS205


  • Cesium Geometrics G882 


  • Single Beam Fruno Dual Frequency

Survey Platforms

  • CERSA can offer a range of survey platforms for inshore, lake and river survey