Dr Colin Donaldson

Dr Colin Donaldson

Dr Colin Donaldson


Colin Donaldson


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  • continental rocks - kimberlites, flood basalts, nephelinites and phonolites, layered gabbros and peridotites, and komatiites
  • oceanic rocks – ocean floor basalts, and ocean island basalts
  • mantle rocks – peridotites, pyroxenites, eclogite sampled by explosive magmas
  • petrography of lunar basalts and of vitrified stones from fired Iron Age forts


Further Info

I have conducted programmes of textural and kinetic investigations using high-temperature experiments, explored the role of compositional convection in rock melts in transporting constituents to and from growing or dissolving crystals. I have also engaged in a variety of petrological projects including nephelinite-phonolite magmatism at the carbonatite volcano, Oldoinyo Lengai, magma mixing in ocean floor basalts and in Scottish Tertiary intrusions, and am currently engaged in various projects looking at aspects of the formation of the Rum intrusion, in association with members of the Volcanic and Magmatic Processes research group in Dublin.