CERSA Geothermal takes a multidisciplinary approach to assessing the potential for geothermal energy in target regions. Field surveys (geology and geophysics) are supported by laboratory characterisation of relevant lithological and thermal properties. All available data are then analysed using GIS and specialist thermal modelling software. The aims are to identify promising targets for exploiting geothermal energy for heat and power, and to provide support in developing geothermal reservoirs.

Example Projects:

Current research focuses on hot dry rock projects in Scotland’s Newer Granite plutons and hot saline aquifers in Scotland’s basins, particularly in the Midland Valley near large centres of population. Also of interest are shallow sources such as minewaters in abandoned collieries. We also have interests beyond Scotland and are collaborating in a project to assess the geothermal potential in Singapore.


We are comparing Scotland’s bedrock aquifers with analogues in the Rhine Graben of Germany where there is active exploitation of geothermal resources. The photograph taken during a visit to the Landau geothermal plant shows the turbine (spherical structure) which is capable of generating 3 MW of power using the heat from water at nearly 160°C extracted from an aquifer at about 3.3 km depth. The potential for similar developments in the Central Belt of Scotland is being actively examined.

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