Oil and Gas

CERSA provides a range of services of direct relevance to the Oil and Gas industries both in the exploration and exploitation of reservoirs and in the assessment of potential environmental impacts and ways to mitigate against impacts. We also recognise future environmental uncertainties relating to rig decommissioning and potential use of sites for Carbon Capture Storage.

CERSA services relevant to the Oil and Gas sector include:

  • High resolution sub-sea mapping 
  • Geochemical analysis of core and outcrop with an emphasis on understanding controls of reservoir quality  
  • XRD, XRF and petrographic analysis of clastic and carbonate reservoir rocks  
  • Reservoir quality evaluation using facies analysis and porosity predictions from laboratory reconstructions of crystallisation reactions  
  • Onshore analogue studies 
  • Industry field trips 
  • Design and management of environmental surveys (benthic ecology, ornithological, geophysical & archaeological) 
  • Production of relevant sections for EIA and AA reports. 
  • Project Management